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He's capable of staring into your soul...probably.

Mama L. Jeffy (more commonly known as Mama Luigi) is a retarded clone of Luigi and thr founding father of the Jeffy Family. He was created when Luigi used a cloning machine thinking it was a tanning bed. Angry that he failed to win Main Character Judging, Mama Luigi held Luigi prisoner and impersonated the real Luigi until he was caught and went to court. Thanks to his adoptive son Yoshi, he won the case. However, he was killed by Bowser after attempting to go on vacation with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the others. After going to heaven, he somehow go back to earth. He lived with Zeke for a while and went on the Intervention reality show to try and get rid of his chocolate addiction. However, Zeke kicked him out before he could get his addiction fixed. Because he is retarded, the government gave Mama Luigi a new house and help for his chocolate addiction, but as payment he was forced to adopt Confederate Wario, Confederate Waluigi, Confederate Ice Wario, and Confederate Ice Waluigi. He later married Papa Daisy and he became the stepfather of her two kids.  They later went back in time for vacation and had twins: Craig the Devil and Jeffy, their first biological children. Craig was left in the past because he didn't want to return to the present with his parents, and Jeffy insisted on staying with Craig for some reasom. Craig created Hell soon after. Mama Luigi was later murdered by King Boo, and he is now a ghost.


  • Luigi (Original person, Mama Luigi is a clone)
  • Papa Daisy (Wife)
  • Yoshi (Adoptive son)
  • Confederate Wario (Adoptive son)
  • Confederate Waluigi (Adoptive son)
  • Confederate Ice Wario (Adoptive son)
  • Confederate Ice Waluigi (Adoptive son)
  • Jeffy (Son)
  • Craig the Devil (Son)


  • Mama Luigi's second death is what caused his son Jeffy to help Princess Peach in her revenge plot against Mario.
  • If you touch Mama Luigi's nickel, it will piss him off. In fact, the World Vs. Toad War was started over Toad touching Mama Luigi's nickel.
  • Like Shrek, Mama Luigi is immune to diabetes.
    • Mama Luigi tends to take advantage of this by eating lots of junk food.
      • He is the reason the amount of sugar in the world dropped by 10%
  • Mama Luigi can poop twinkies.
  • Mama Luigi was president for one second
  • Mama Luigi was furher of germany for half a second.
  • Mama Luigi and his immediate family are the only residents of Jeffy (state).
    • This is because the only state land not taken up by their property is Jeffy Street.
  • His ghost is probably the scariest thing haunting Luigi's mansion. Yes, scarier than the FNAF animatronics.
  • MamaLuigi22 might be his clone.
  • He is friends with the Pop Art Weegees.